Improve Your Eye Vision

Eyes Exercises helps to improve Eye vision:

1.1 – Exercise 
First of all, sit down in a comfortable position. Cover your eyes with the palms of your hands. Don’t press the eyeballs. Try to relax and watch the darkness for 30 seconds. Breathe quietly and deeply all the time.

1.2 – Exercise 
Sitting in the same position, look up and hold so for 5 seconds. Then release. Now look down hold so for 5 seconds. Then, again, release. Make 5 repetitions.

1.3 – Exercise 
Now look right, hold for 5 seconds and release. Then look left, hold for 5 seconds and relax your eyes. Make 5 repetitions.

1.4 – Exercise 
Rotate your eyeballs 5 circles to the left and relax your eyes. Then rotate them 5 circles to the right and also relax.

1.5 – Exercise 
Look at the tip of your nose. Don’t be afraid, cross your eyes! Hold for 3 seconds and relax. Then look up at the ceiling without moving your head, hold for 3 seconds and relax your eyes. Repeat 5 times.

2 – Food that improve Eyes Vision:

2.1 – Eat fish twice a week

According to two new studies, eating a fish-rich diet promotes a reduced risk of developing Age-related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, a leading cause of blindness in old age. In one of the studies, 681 elderly American men showed that those who ate fish twice a week had a 36 percent lower risk of macular degeneration.

The other study, which followed 2,335 Australian men and women over five years, showed people who ate fish just once a week reduced their risk by 40 percent.

2.2 – Take a multivitamin every day

Vitamin A
Vitamin A promotes good vision, especially in low light. It may also be needed for reproduction and breast-feeding.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C has been linked to the prevention of cataracts – one study has shown that taking 300 to 600 mg supplemental vitamin C reduced cataract risk by 70 percent – the delay of macular degeneration, and eye pressure reduction in glaucoma patients.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by unstable substances called free radicals. Free radicals can harm cells, tissues, and organs. They are believed to play a role in certain conditions associated with aging.

2.3 – Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate – lauded for its antioxidant benefits, dark chocolate also contains flavanoids which are essential for a healthy heart. Flavanoids help to protect the blood vessels of the eyes so that the cornea and lens stay strong as you age. Purer forms of dark chocolate are the most potent, so look for chocolate bars that contain at least 60% cacao extracts for maximum health benefits.

2.4 – Eggs:
Eggs – whether you enjoy them scrambled, boiled or sunny side up, eggs are a valuable addition to any diet. Egg yolks contain several essential nutrients and protein that can keep you healthy; in addition to lutein and essential fatty acids, eggs contain B-vitamins and zinc that are essential for overall eye health.

2.5 – Leafy green vegetables
Leafy green vegetables – you already know the importance of eating your greens each day, but all that spinach, broccoli and kale will provide essential vitamins and minerals for good eye health.


Three Key Rules to an Effortless Effort to Losing Weight With an Aerobic Work Out

Aerobics are great for getting your body into shape, lose weight and staying healthy. The brilliant thing about aerobics is it strengthens your breathing and heart while helping you to lose weight by burn fat fast. The majority of people do not no, or understand how to use an aerobic work out to gain maximum results. The key to losing weight with an aerobic workout is intensity. What I mean by intensity is to give your body that extra push to gain your sweat point. You know when your working out and you feel that you can push a little more but your minds resisting. You feel you can give a little more to gain a good work out. With practice this will come easy to you so don’t worry at first if you don’t understand what I mean. To gain the most out of your work out follow these simple rules and watch the weight fall of.

First Step: Your first step is to find your sweet point. You’ll find this through your intensity of your workout. Make sure your not over doing it if you are to intense with your work out you may injure yourself and may not see results. On the other hand if you do not work out intensely enough to gain your sweet point you, will not see the results you want. You will not lose weight or tone your body. The Key here is to find the balance. You need you find the programme that has the right intensity for you. With new exercise get the balance between weights and speed. Make sure the work out is hard but not impossible. If its to hard or impossible you will get dis-heartened and will not look forward to working out. It is important to note the more you work out the more tolerance you have so keep a check every week to see where your tolerance level is at. Make necessary changes when needed.

Second Step: Is to not over do it. A hugh problem with working out is over doing it. A rule of tomb is to have an intense work out, but be safe. Under training will not help you to lose weight, you need to build your intensity. You need to push your intensity a little every time but not to much. The result if you push your intensity to much is vomiting which may cause injury to your body. Plus if you push yourself that much, more than likely you wont feel like working out again. How will you know your at your intensity level your body will tell you. Some times our mind tell us we have enough and our body is able to go a bit further. With practice this gets easer to understand so don’t worry just get started. So how will you know if your training properly? It is important to know when training properly your muscles should be the ones that feel the pain not your joints. So look out for soar muscles and not sore joints. While working out you should always keep your breathing consistent. Never be short of breath. A good idea is to take breaks use lower weights or lower speed to get back on track. You will gain a lot out of your work out by doing this. If you ever get injured in a work out make sure to call for help from those around you. It is always a good idea to work out with a partner for safety reasons and it also makes the process of losing weight more fun. A work out should be fun and enjoyable if your not enjoying it you wont want to go back to it the next day. A fun workout is in your control. What ever workout you do, make sure to get that intensity to get the sweat point.

Step Three: Some people expect a lot when starting out. The key to sustaining weight loss is to build up your intensity. Instead of jumping in at the deep end. When you are starting to exercise, you won’t be able to suddenly run the New York marathon! Building up slowly will help prevent injury, it will also help you to find a sweat point your body is comfortable with, keeping the exercise fun and achievable so your not dreading tomorrows work out. To find success in your work out slowly build your work out and be consistent each day repeat the steps you did the day before this will help you tone quicker. After a week or two build more intensity after a month change routine so you wont get board. Remember you want this to be an enjoy able experience. Make your work out an effortless effort.

SO in order to have an aerobic work out that works. The three simple steps are build up your intensity to gain a sweat point. Make sure you don’t over do it. Always remember safety. Start of slowly your not going to run the New York marathon the first day.

Lasting thoughts find a work out that you enjoy and make it fun. A work out should be an effortless effort Enjoy!

My main goal is to help people lose weight with effortless effort and have fun while doing it. Everyone wants an attractive body. I have found simple tools that can help you achieve the body you want. These tools helped me. I have gained so much from it especially my confidence. Which is truly amazing.


What You Should Know About Chicken Recipes – Low Fat Recipes and Weight Loss

Some facts about fat and what you need to know about the different types of fat and why you should use chicken recipes with low fat content as part of a healthy diet plan.

There are 3 types of fat:

  1. Saturated fat
  2. Polyunsaturated fat
  3. Monounsaturated fat.

Not all fat is bad for you and it is actually important that you include some of the “good” fats in your diet.  But let’s concentrate initially on what you can do if you follow some simple guidelines to help reduce the amount of “bad” fat you include in your diet.  The fat you need to cut back on is saturated fat.  Because our bodies find it difficult to process saturated fats it tends to be stored as fat, which increases cholesterol levels, which in turn leads to the chance of a heart attack.  Fortunately it is a pretty simple process to reduce our intake of this type of fat, and below are some easy steps to take to achieve this.

  • Stop using full-fat milk and full-fat dairly products and choose low-fat or fat-free versions – taste-wise you really won’t notice much of a difference.
  • Only eat red meat occasionally and choose cuts with less fat on them.
  • Chicken is an excellent low-fat meat but only if you remove the skin after cooking – don’t be tempted to leave it on.
  • Try and eat fish at least twice a week, though once a week is better than not at all.
  • When cooking using fat, use liquid vegetable oils, such as olive oil or canola oil and avoid using solid fats such as butter.
  • Experiment with herbs and spices to flavour your food, rather than using toppings and sauces which are full of fat.
  • Eat more fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Using chicken recipes – low fat content.

Chicken is such a versatile meat and the only real limitation to its uses within recipes is our imagination.  You can buy as much, or as little, as you need and cook it in so many quick and easy ways.  If you are in a rush, stir-frying couldn’t be simpler, or quicker, and provides a far healthier option to what you can buy at the fast-food outlets – and for a fraction of the price.

If you work all day, or don’t want to be standing over the cooker for what feels like hours, a slow cooker is an absolute Godsend.  I have used one for many years now and I have yet to have a meal “go wrong” in one of these – even if it has been cooking for 1-2 hours longer than the recipe advises.  Just set it up before you go to work and come home to a house filled with a fabulous aroma.

Making some simple changes to the way you buy and cook food can mean a massive difference to your health and your weight.

Benefits of Losing Weight

Many people want to lose weight because of different reasons. And these reasons keep them motivated throughout the whole course of their diet regimen. However, if you cannot find any motivation to lose weight, then you will remain heavy and fat and you might even lose self esteem as you become bigger and more overweight. To keep this from happening, this article will provide you with a few important benefits of losing weight that can be your motivations to start shedding those extra pounds.

Here goes:

oOne major benefit of losing weight is related to health. There are so many health benefits of weight loss that it is no wonder many people start to go on diets or to do exercises. If you have the right weight, your body will function well. Your cholesterol level and your blood pressure will become lower, your breathing, mobility, and blood sugar levels will improve, and diseases like heart disease and diabetes will be avoided.

oLosing weight can also benefit you socially. People will not make fun of you anymore. Nobody will call you “orca” or “lardo” anymore. And you will realize how important it is to respect yourself by taking care of your body to gain other people’s respect.

oAside from these, you will also experience a huge change in yourself. Losing weight can boost your self-esteem. Moreover, you will look and feel good inside out because you know that your body is in its healthiest state and you know that you can now wear regular women’s clothes without having to go to a plus size store.

Stay Healthy – Get the Right Supplements

We live in the 21st century, where things have been changing at a rate we can never actually expect. Just a decade ago, we never expected that the technology that we have seen in Star Wars or Star Trek can be a reality for centuries ahead. Now, we can even use some of those at our own home. Well, I am not going to talk about technology but sometimes that we need to understand it and start using it.

In this fast paced era, people are getting too busy chasing wealth without realising that in order to make more money and enjoy it, they need to stay alive. Seriously, when we work to hard we often forget about our health especially what our body really needs and in the end, we die without having the chance to use the money earned.

One of the harmful substances that would eventually create harm to our well being is free radicals. Free radicals, which are by-products of our body interaction with oxygen, can create harmful damages to our body. It can also comes from the air, water and food we take each and everyday. These killers are everywhere you just cannot avoid them. Some of the known diseases that can be linked to the effects of free radicals are heart disease, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. How do they do it? They attack our 63 trillion cells, damage it and accelerate our aging process. Sounds scary? But, it is the fact.

So, what do we need to stay healthy? One thing for sure, we do need vitamins and minerals as mentioned by a medical doctor that I read about.

“Everyday, our body needs 90 essential nutrients. Our body cannot manufacture it and we must consume it everyday as food and supplements. If you miss them, you will get some horrible collection of diseases mainly will be life threatening” the doctor said.

Another thing that we need to be healthy are antioxidants. These are actually “free radical scavengers” as they feed on these free radicals. To measure their effectiveness, we use Oxygen Radicals Absorption Capacity value. The higher the value the better it is. Another good thing about antioxidants is that not only it helps prevent but also repair damages done by these free radicals.

So, I can say that in order to stay healthy you need to get your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can get vitamins from your daily intake of food such as fruits and vegetables. However, you can only get all those essential vitamin and minerals with a carefully customised diet. This is not easy, especially when we need to cope with the fast paced environment we are in. One, good solution is to get nutritional supplements which contains all those essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Food Choices – Is What I’m Choosing Healthy?

Food – we can’t live without it. It’s what our body uses as fuel for energy and it’s what our body uses to repair and rebuild itself. We have more food choices available to us than ever before in history, with more information available about nutrition than every before (we’re bombarded with it) and yet there is much confusion about what is healthy and an epidemic of nutrition related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and many more.


The answer is huge corporations that are only concerned with profits, that use the mass media to misinform and confuse their target customers with both blatant advertising and not so blatant advertising disguised as ‘education’ and ‘news’.

Most of us shop for food these days primarily in a supermarket. Within these supermarkets, we have a vast choice of foods – some fresh – but the majority in packets, cans, bottles, plastic containers and the like. All of these foods are processed – they are prepared and packaged in a factory somewhere and will last often in their packaging for years (or maybe forever who knows?).

We’ve been educated by the food industry and the mainstream ‘health’ industry to look at the labels on these foods for the nutrition panel, and to look for the amounts of saturated fats, salt, calories or carbohydrates depending on the reason you’re looking and what health issue you’re trying to prevent or resolve. However, much more important are the ingredients in these products.

Companies will create and advertise for example a ‘healthy’ alternative that is ‘low fat’ to convince you to buy it thinking you are doing the right thing for yourself or your family. Usually these products are loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of fats along with a barrage of artificial additives that have been created in a laboratory and that our bodies were never designed to consume. This is a the problem.

For me it has been commonsense to read ingredient labels on foods. I don’t buy much in the way of packaged foods and those that I do buy, I have chosen because I know (for the most part) what the ingredients are. If there are numbers, artificial flavours, preservatives etc I generally leave them on the shelf. It’s been a standing joke for years about how long it takes me to shop – this is why. Because my health is important to me.

However we have realised recently after listening to a talk given by Sunshine Coast nutrtitionist Cyndi O’Meara that when including ingredients on labels, there are often hidden ingredients because there is no requirement to include additional ingredients used in the preparation of a particular ingredient that is later used in a product you might buy off the shelf. For instance, if coconut is used to make a packet of biscuits, the coconut may have been processed using a preservative or emulsifier or flavour (or all three!). When this coconut is used in the biscuits, only coconut is included in the ingredient list – not the chemicals that were added to it when it was processed initially. That’s something to be concerned about! Because even foods that appear to only contain real foods, may be loaded with who knows what sort of additives.

The answer of course is whole fresh foods – organic if possible. This is what we are designed to eat. Whole, fresh foods contain the nutrients and building blocks that our cells know what to do with and that our bodies can use. The chemicals and additives in the processed junk being sold under the guise of food, are things that our cells don’t know how to handle. They are created in laboratories to excite our tastebuds or to make ingredients behave in a certain way, but are totally foreign to the billions of cells that make up our amazing bodies. Today it is extremely difficult to avoid processed foods altogether, but by minimising our consumption of them and getting educated on what to avoid, growing as much of our own produce as we can and using common sense will go a long way towards keeping us healthy, disease free and living our lives.

Frustrated Dieter Finally Loses Weight

Want to know the secrets of weight loss?

Many people who are overweight have simply accepted their condition. They enjoy their food and sedimentary life style. They no longer worry about how they might look to others. It’s hard to change.

Health risks of too much fat

Then one day they thought about the added health risks of too much fat — higher risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, hypertension, gallbladder disease and more.

They considered diabetes. The U.S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) predicts that “up to one in three Americans will have diabetes by 2050 unless something is done to curb unhealthy lifestyles.” Even today, diabetes affects one in ten U.S adults. The rising number of obese Americans is a big factor in CDC’s dismal projection.

Results of a healthy weight plan

After they thought about their health risks, they imagined how life would be different if they were able to reach a healthy weight — a more active life style, more energy, less worry about how they are perceived by others, perhaps more self confidence.

Have you tried a diet plan to lose weight?

They decided to lose weight. They tried one diet after another and nothing seemed to work. They tried that new diet featured in the magazine by the grocery store checkout counter, A friend suggested a diet plan that worked for her. Some folks join weight-watchers — a group approach that works well for some people. Other folks are not comfortable trying to shed pounds in a group setting.

Some folks thought about joining a weight loss program where you buy prepared meals and follow guidelines. Those can be expensive and complicated.

Are you overweight? If so you are not alone. Life today is full of life style choices that result in weight gain. Nearly seventy percent of Americans and half of Europeans are overweight.

Have you tried to lose weight but couldn’t?

Are you a frustrated dieter?

Are you tired of diets that didn’t work for you? Have you gone from one diet plan to another hoping that the next plan will work for you? Would you like to become the frustrated dieter who finally was able to lose those extra pounds?

How would you like to lose 10% of your unwanted weight in body fat in the first 30 days of your new diet plan? How would you like to lose weight consistently thereafter until you reach your ideal weight?

How would you like to eat hearty, all-natural, healthy and nutritious foods as you reach your weight loss goal?

A popular new diet program, The Diet Solution [], now tells you how. Written by a nutritionist, it is based on the latest concepts in food and nutrition. It offers of wealth of free information and suggestions as well as a detailed diet program manual.

Healthy Food Stamps

Many people will tell you that they don’t eat healthy because it is expensive, but I disagree, I believe that you can eat healthy on a budget. With preparation and planning healthy food can be just as inexpensive as food that is unhealthy. Many families have moved away from cooking at home and packing left overs to take with them, which is one reason why they believe healthy food is more expensive. Let’s break down a healthy meal price versus an unhealthy meal price and just why healthy always wins.

Hamburger Helper is very popular amongst families on a budget because it is cheap and fast. The American-based Food Network listed Hamburger Helper as number three in its list of the top five fad foods of the 1970s and it is still popular today. We know cheap and fast is not always good, especially in regards to hamburger helper. It lacks the nutrients that an adult and child needs. It’s filled with simple carbohydrates that your body will store as fat if it is unable to use it as energy as well as partially hydrogenated oils


Hamburger Helper Cheesy Nacho ($7.00) with meat added for 5 servings 1 Cup each:

• 330 calories prepared for 1 Cup
• 560mg sodium prepared for 1 Cup
• 31g carbohydrates
• 2g sugars
• 3g protein
• Enriched Macaroni(not wheat at all lacks nutrients)
• Partially hydrogenated soybean oil (trans fats), known to increase the risk of coronary heart failure by raising bad cholesterol levels and lowering good cholesterol levels.

It says 5, 1 cup serving, but how many cups does one person in your family actually eat.


Turkey and Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Tomato sauce and veggies ($20.00) 7 serving 1Cup Each:

• 99/1 Extra Lean Turkey Jennie O(20oz)(great source of lean protein)
• Olive Oil(good healthy fat)
• Whole Wheat Spaghetti Noodles(barilla plus) Packed with the protein, omega-3s, and fiber you (14oz box)7 servings
• Fresh Tomatoes blended in blender(packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Onions (packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Bell peppers(packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Mushrooms(packed with vitamins)
• Fresh Onion(packed with vitamins)
• Mrs. Dash Garlic & HERB Seasoning salt-free
• all-natural
• no msg

Although, the actual price upfront for the healthier choice is more expensive the cost over the long term is less. You can use the olive oil and seasoning for other dishes. You can also wrap the left over vegetables and use them for other dishes as well. Remember cheap and fast is not always the best option for your family healthy food options may cost more up front, but in the long run they stretch farther and are so much better for you.

[] -Tatiana Scott is a Fitness and Nutrition Guru as well as a diabetes advocate. She personal trains, she competes in fitness competitions, and she believes that your body is your temple. What you do to it now can and will affect you years from now. Allow the things you do to it to affect you positively. It is your body, never give up.


Love To Eat? Hate Your Belly? Here’s An Easy Way To Handle Both Issues!

For some reason, our bodies love to hang fat around our mid-section. Or, maybe the fact is that fat just loves to hang around our mid-section. Regardless of which is the cause, the truth of the matter is that fat around the mid-section can be ugly, uncomfortable, and can cause a host of health problems that we could all do without.

Excess belly fat has been associated with heart disease, Type II Diabetes, and even breast cancer. Sometimes it seems that, no matter how diligently we diet and exercise, we still have that “spare tire” around the waistline that just hangs on, even when we effectively lose fat and inches from other parts of the body. The frustration can almost make one want to give up. Don’t Give Up! There Is Good News!

Researchers have discovered that it is actually possible to shrink belly fat with food – the right food, that is. Eating the right foods can turn your body into a fat-burning powerhouse to which even stubborn belly fat will have to surrender! Fiber – There are basically two types of fiber, and it is important to include plenty of both types in your diet:

1. Soluble Fiber is that which absorbs excess fluid and carries it from the body. It reduces the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol, and is instrumental in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Soluble fiber has been shown to be a key preventative dietary element in preventing colon cancer. It also takes longer to digest soluble fiber, and this slowing of the process helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, and decrease the frequency of hunger between meals.

Good sources of soluble fiber include: Oatmeal or oat bran, Barley, Prunes, Pears, Citrus Fruits, Legumes, Seeds, Nuts, Chick Peas, Black-Eyed Peas

2. Insoluble Fiber is that which does not easily absorb fluid, but does bind itself to toxins and other substances such as excess estrogen which are known to be cancer-inducing.

Good sources of insoluble fiber include: Bran, Cocoa Powder, Beans (including pinto, great northern, red, kidney, etc.), Rye Bread, Green Leafy Vegetables.

Muscle, unlike fat, does not sit idly in your body. In fact, it takes energy, which burns calories, just to maintain muscle. This means that a person who has a healthy ratio of protein to fat, will burn fat and calories just by sitting at rest. Fat, which pretty much lies inert, will just be content to take up space and crowd your organs

This combination makes for a double-punch to help eliminate belly fat. One caveat though: when choosing beans, be careful as to how they are cooked. Some bean dishes, such as baked beans, are prepared with unhealthy levels of fat and sugar.

Just remember: Your beans must be lean and mean! Monounsaturated Fats We usually think of oils and fats as being something to avoid if we are trying to lose weight and/or eat healthy. The truth of the matter is that some oils are not only good for the body, healthy monounsaturated fats such as olive oil are actually vital for optimum health of organs.

Other good sources of monounsaturated fats are: Olive Oil, Avocados, Peanut Butter, Nuts, Olives.

So, an healthy and balanced diet with moderate exercise should be included in any weight-loss regimen, given the approval of one’s personal physician. But, incorporating a regimen of carefully planned foods such as those listed above will help your body to rid itself of that unsightly belly fat, and help you to enjoy a longer, healthier life!

How about if I tell you there is actually more here? And that you are 1 step far from it? Are you going to listen to me? If you are really committed you must take a look at My Personal FREE Report [].  Then, let me know what you think about it.


Controlling Joint Pain With a Healthy Diet

Yes, I know it’s not what you wanted to hear but the truth is, being over-weight puts a load on our joints that they were never intended to bear. Several forms of arthritis are said to be genetically induced and are strongly correlated with the presence of a specific gene shared by 70% of arthritis sufferers: HLA-B27. Therefore, many specialists believe that arthritis is an ailment that cannot be prevented but can be treated. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis that affects the load-bearing joints of the body such as the hips, spines, and limbs. It results from the inflammation of the joint’s connective tissues or cartilages. Inflammation may stem from traumatic injuries, malnutrition, dehydration, and other sources of excess pressure. A prevalent cause of osteoarthritis in Americans is obesity. Being overweight adds more pressure to these joints inducing pain and lessens mobility and flexibility.

An early treatment for osteoarthritis, which is strongly recommended by doctors, is an effective weight loss program combined with a healthy and nutritious diet. Obesity or being overweight has something to do with the presence of excess fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, sodium, and sugar in the body and may cause a series of other diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. A healthy diet that involves food portioning allows less of the following components that add to one’s weight:


We all have heard that fat keeps foods tasty and keeps us feeling full for a longer time. However, fat that is more often found in meat, cooking oils, butter, eggs, and others come with cholesterol that not only makes you heavy but burdens your heart as well.


Carbohydrates appear in various foods but are more often associated with bread and rice. The most effective weight loss programs and diets have to do with lessening the intake of carbohydrates by lessening the intake of rice or bread.


Packaged preserved foods in the grocery are often high in sodium. Sodium is basically salt that is present in preserved foods to keep them fresh for a span of time and to trap in the flavor of these foods. Sodium in normal amounts is not at all bad but must be avoided especially by overweight people or those who plan on losing some pounds because sodium is known to trap in body fluids such as water which adds to a person’s weight.


Processed foods, pastries, candy, sweet foods and even fruits contain sugar. Only the latter contains minerals and vitamins that balance with sugar intake while the others are full of empty calories. Sugar not only adds significant calories but it’s also a leading source of diabetes.

Regular exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet. It keeps your body strong and burns those calories. Exercise that involves a lot of cardio burns your body’s stored fat and carbohydrates which causes weight loss and keeps your heart and joints healthy. Stretching exercises and other flexibility exercises help keep your joints in motion and will eventually make them stronger.

Alternative Treatment

Short term, NSAIDS (Celebrex), Ibuprophen etc. can provide short term arthritis pain relief but with health risks familiar to us all, through countless warnings in the news. Another alternative, much safer and made for long term use is Glucosamine supplements such as Synflex Liquid Glucosamine. Used widely in the treatment for osteoarthritis, Syn-flex combines ingredients such as shark cartilage and chondroitin that protects and strengthens your joints with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals such as essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E to slow the progression of osteoarthritis (because osteoarthritis is not an isolated condition and may affect other joints due to further damages in the joints) and keep your immune systems healthy. Synflex glucosamine supplements are very effective because they come in liquid form which allows faster, more complete absorption (98%) and digestion of the minerals to the body’s cells.

Why is Healthy Eating Important?

Do you suffer from headaches, tiredness after eating, lack of energy or many health problems? Are you looking for natural stress, anxiety relief? If so, now is the time to aim for holistic nutrition in your life through the very foods you stock in your fridge and pantry. Did you know that eating healthy boosts vitality, energy, and provides clear skin and less sick days?

Healthy nutrients also give us the best chance for good health in an increasingly polluted world. If you’re eating mostly sugar, salt, and other chemically engineered foods, at the end of the lengthy digestion period, your body gets back very little nutrition for all its trouble and you’re exhausted.

How many of these engineered foods are you eating?

-Peanut butter with added icing sugar and hydrogenated oil

-Ketchup laced with sugar

-Soy sauce made with caramel, sugar and salt

-Highly heated oil based products, such as; cooking oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise.

(Read the list of chemicals on these items and know that the oils have been heated to very high temperatures to assure a long shelf life-unless the bottle says “cold pressed”)

-Items containing aspartame; soda pop, desserts, yogurt, sweeteners

-Junk food snacks-potato chips, pretzels, licorice, chocolate bars

-White flour products- pizza, cakes, pastries, waffles, pancakes, crackers, bread

-Processed cheeses, many of the energy bars that contain mostly sugar

-Processed whipped cream or other toppings with not a trace of cream – mostly chemicals

If a great deal of the foods you eat are found in the above list, and your health is suffering- it’s time to make some changes. Aim for healthy nutrients to reduce cholesterol instead of eating non-foods. Change the brands you’re buying. Better yet, use no brands.

Facts about healthy eating.

From the beginning of time, basic life-giving food has been used to nourish human beings. Bodies need proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and water to ensure a steady supply of vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients. The mitochondria-your energy factory in each cell of your body, depends on nutrients to power it.

Unfortunately, many foods on your grocery shelf have added sugar, salt and chemicals-mostly for taste (and shelf life). According to Health Departments, Heart & Stroke Foundations and Cancer Societies, we need to limit processed, fast food items for better health.

While a little won’t harm you, many children and adults alike are making a steady diet of non-foods. People get hooked on the taste of many unhealthy fats, refined grains, too much sugar-then they’re dealing with powerful addictions that are difficult to break. More than that, the body and brain don’t know what to do with all these engineered chemicals and fats. Also, you may be missing many healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables-antioxidant champs. These powerful substances give our bodies vitality and protection against diseases.

Too much sugar used in our society has become the norm. Excess sugar lowers your immune system and can cause cholesterol problems and diabetes. Become a prudent shopper and choose higher quality items that are free of additives from companies dedicated to healthier products. Become a label reader. Feed your body as well as you feed your pets!

Information on eating healthy

Get back to basics. Choose a variety of foods to ensure a large range of vitamins and minerals.

* Whole grain products-wheat, spelt, whole rye, brown rice breads cereals, crackers or pastas, oatmeal, air popped popcorn.

* Proteins such as fish, chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, yogurt, low fat cheeses, soy products, eggs, plain yogurt, Canned tuna or salmon provide ample protein.

* An array of plant foods; vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans

* Healthy fat foods – olive oil, butter, olives, avocados, natural peanut or almond butter. Only small amounts are necessary.

Just simplify your eating habits. If you can afford organic products, go for it! They lower the load of chemicals entering your body. Choose natural foods to lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

For the best nutrition health benefits, take charge of your eating habits and switch to pure, simple, yet life-giving foods. Aim for body, mind healing through holistic nutrition and you’ll shape up your life.

Do You Want to Lose Weight and Build Muscles Fast?

So, you want to have the perfect beach body. Well now you can. Follow these 3 realistic easy steps and you will be on your way to having that perfect body that is the envy of many. Imagine you are at the beach walking passed beach babes, their pulses begin to race, their hearts skip a beat, you hear gasping, all because you walked passed. I bet it feels good!

You, can have these reactions. With regular exercises you will be able to lose fatty tissue and build lean muscle at the same time. Sounds good! Building muscle is an individual process. It may take one person a little longer than another to get the perfect body. Each individual is different. In order to be successful at losing weight you need to count the amount of calorie intake as well as regular exercise.

The human body is fascinating. There is a science to building muscle and losing fat fast. An individual around the age of 25, tend to lose as much as 5% of there muscles every decade. If people at the age of 25 + don’t maintain their fitness, fat begins to build and their muscles become less and less. Basically if you don’t exercise the muscle turns to fat. Its as simple as that. So what do you do to lose weight and build muscle fast? Regular exercise…

The trick is to loose weight and gain muscle instead. To help you with this I have put together 3 realistic ways to lose weight and build muscle fast.

1. Exercise regularly

It is important to exercise on a regular basses. Consistency is key here. Regular exercise allows you to lose fatty tissue and build lean body muscle all at the same time. This will enable you to create muscle staying away from excess fat tissue.

Make sure you break into a sweet when exercising. Try and push your self a little further. Don’t over do it though. Your body knows its limits speak to it. I do mean your bod, your mind might want you to stop a little early but your body can take a few more minutes.

Exercise Suggestion Chart

Training Suggestion

How often 4 days a week
Resistance Use weights that are suited to you
Reputations 12 to 15 in 30 seconds ( you should find the last weight difficult)
Stations work 8 to 12 muscle groups
Total time 20 to 30 minutes

2. Count calories

Calorie count is a great way to make you eat healthy. A lot of professionals will advise you to control and resist. I say it depends on what works for you. If you can’t have a little without having allot than your better of not having it at all. It saves you the tummy bulge or spare tire in the long run.

Learn how to count calories and make better food choices. Make sure you get your RDA.
You need to know how much calories you can intake for the amount of exercise you do. Know your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance)of food or find it out. Work out what it is the RDA for the amount of weight you want to lose. This will give you an incite on how much exercise and food intake your allowed.

3. Be Realistic

Remember consistency is key. When losing weight and building muscle fast you need to persist. If you put the first two steps into practice, regular exercise and calorie intake you will start to see changes within a month. Keep your spirit high and your goal in mind each morning remember your body is an engine in order to keep it going we need to keep it maintained in a healthy manner.

So if you really want to lose weight and build muscle fast keep focused watch the calorie intake and exercise regularly and consistently with your goal in mind.

Good luck and remember those pluses and heart beats!

When you learn the information in this special report, and use it exactly as described, you can create a hard, attractive body in ONE month. I usually tell people to give it at least 2 to 3 months. But, I have personally seen results in as little as 4 weeks. My confidence level has gone up 100 fold. Which i can honestly say is simply amazing. Check it out see if its for you. The important thing is to enjoy the process.


Losing Weight For a Better Life

You have nothing to lose from losing weight, except of course those unsightly flabs and bulge. Weight reduction offers far more benefits than just making you look better and younger. Think of weight loss as a lifetime investment-you stand to gain a lot from working hard to achieve your ideal weight. By maintaining just the right weight, you lessen the risk of life-threatening diseases associated with obesity.

So how do you benefit from losing weight? Here are the ways:

You lower your risk of getting heart diseases by cutting five to 10 percent off your weight. Weight loss also improves blood pressure, heart function, and cholesterol levels in the body.

Weight-related cancers such as cancer of the breast, colon, and cervix (for women) and cancer of the prostate and rectum (for men) are minimized because of weight loss.

Weight reduction helps prevent type 2 diabetes and controls the level of blood sugar in the body.
Weight loss helps ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis, a condition caused by pressure on the joints of overweight people.

Reducing your weight eliminates gout, a joint disorder that’s common to overweight people.
Losing weight helps you sleep better. It eliminates sleep apnea, which stops you from breathing temporarily and leads to snoring.

If you’re able to lose weight, then you reduce your risk of developing gallstones and gallbladder problems.

Now that you know what you can gain from losing weight, you’ll be more motivated to do every step possible to achieve your ideal weight. So do your health a favor and start your weight loss plan now!


Things I Do to Keep My Dog Healthy

I love having a lively and healthy dog running around my house. His bright eyes and wagging tail bring joy to my heart. There are a few things you can do to ensure this.

I purchased health insurance for him since he was a puppy. If he gets sick or gets into a mishap, vet bills can rack up pretty fast. It does not pay for everything, but I do not want to be put into a position where I have to decide between his life and me going to the poor house.

An overweight dog is an unhappy one. I see too many fat dogs waddling around on my travels. They suffer similar health issues as we do, such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. You are the adult here. It is your responsibility at weight management, not your dogs.

I try to choose excellent quality food. It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. I feel my investment up front saves me in vet bills. The main problem with commercial food is that they cook it. It kills most of the live enzymes and phytonutrients. I supplement with a green source powder that supplies the live things he needs. Missing Link is one supplement I use.

Most people chuckle when I tell them this, but this is one of the best things you can do for your dog. I brush his teeth almost every night. Believe it or not he comes into the bathroom on his own after I finish brushing. I found a toothpaste with vanilla flavor he just loves. I started out with a finger cot with flavor on it when he was a pup. He got used to it very quickly and now he uses a baby toothbrush.

Negative Eating Habits – Why Do We Often Do Things That We Should and Not What We Love?

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day that has been overweight for most of her life. She has never been one for “dieting” so doesn’t watch what she eats. However she was told that if she wants to lose weight she must exercise. So that is what she has been doing conscientiously for the last 5 years. She has been going to a Personal trainer at the gym 2 or 3 times a week.

But she has had no success at losing any weight! The reason is that she hates going to the gym. She is going because she should not because she wants to or enjoys it. She feels obliged to do it, to be seen to be making an effort to lose some weight. Consequently when she is at the gym her heart isn’t in it and although she tries her best she is not getting any positive results. In addition she believes that she doesn’t have to worry about what she is eating because surely if she exercises she will lose the weight regardless. Therefore she has got into negative eating habits overtime without even realising it.

She is not listening to her body and giving it what it needs with regard to nutrition and she is not listening to her heart and finding something she loves doing. Instead she is going to the gym which she really detests because she thinks it’s something she should do. It’s funny how we get into these little habits, even when what we are trying obviously isn’t working. (5 years is a long time to go to the gym without any positive results.) We continue simply because we don’t know any better or it is just too hard to try something else.

Since talking to my friend last week and asking her what she really likes doing she has “fired” her personal trainer and started swimming instead. It turns out she has always loved swimming but didn’t think it was the “right” sort of exercise to lose weight. And this is where the problem lies. We shouldn’t be exercising to lose weight. Exercising is part of a healthy, empowering way to live, but if we don’t love it well then naturally we are not going to stick at it or get any positive benefits from it.

If you want to lose weight you need to concentrate on how you are eating. This does not mean going on a diet. Diets only serve to deprive and disempower you and ensure you eat in a negative way. You need to connect with your body and give it what it needs when it needs it. This relates to food, love, comfort, exercise etc. This is where Natural Eating is so powerful. It is such a simple concept because we just listen to our body and give it what it wants when it wants it by following these four principles:

1. Eat when you are hungry

2. Eat what you want

3. Stop when you are satisfied

4. Move onto something else after eating

So if you are currently doing something you should instead of something you love, reconnect with your body and eat naturally. This will enable you to change those current negative eating habits into positive lifelong choices.

I am a wife and mother who has recovered from 20 years of food and weight related issues. I used to binge on food uncontrollably and then exercise excessively to get rid of it. After being diagnosed with depression and bulimia in 1996 I was introduced to Natural Eating. This enabled me to tap in to my natural instincts of hunger and satisfaction to develop a healthy relationship with food.