Every Other Day Diet Reviewed

What is The Every Other Day Diet (EODD)

The Every Other Day Diet is a complete and very comprehensive diet plan. More of a long term eating plan really. It encourages steady long term weight loss of 2lbs a week and a permanent change in eating habits. It is based on sound nutritional and scientific ideas. It is simple to follow and does not need any calorie counting, weighing or measuring. It has a psychological input where you are encouraged to think about and change your attitude to food and to your body. It allows you to eat all your favourite foods on ‘feed’ days which curbs cravings and stop that feeling of diet deprivation. The program uses the SNAPP eating plan which I explain later.

What Do You Get for Your Money?

The Every Other Day Diet is great value for money in my opinion. Alongside the 119 page Handbook and 120 page ‘Radical Fat Loss Blueprint’ you also get five other free bonus books – Perfect Posture, Cholesterol Lies, Hormones 101, Skinny Mini Meals, Female Power, and No Struggle Plan and audio interviews with Kelli Calabrese – personal trainer of the year.

The book is divided into:-

1. Introduction – which covers the topic of ‘useless supplements’, what to expect and the benefits of the program such as increased energy, ease of preparation, all foods are available and accelerated ‘on going’ fat loss.
2. Chapter one covers the history of fat.
3. Chapter two exposes the myths and lies of the diet industry.
4. Chapter three shows us the keys to fat burning.
5. Chapter four explains the building blocks of the EODD.
6. Chapter five explains the SNAPP system of eating.
7. Chapter six covers the five plans: the primer plan, lifestyle phase one, lifestyle phase two, extreme plan and ultimate plan.
8. The conclusion brings it all together.

120 page ‘Radical Fat Loss Blueprint’ gives you the option for a faster weight loss plan if you want to speed things along with more exercise. Once you sign up you get all masses of nutritional advice, tips, recipes and special offers and support from Jon Benson himself.

Who Is It For?

The Every Other Day Diet is for people who want and effective long term diet or eating plan. The author calls it a “lifestyle solution” which “delivers consistent results…” I would agree whole heartedly having tried the diet myself. It re-educates your eating habits which means the effects of this diet plan will be long lasting. It is for people who like to understand the principles behind things and think about what they are doing. You can do as much or as little cooking as you like. There are delicious recipes to follow if you enjoy cooking. Shopping is easy with no special foods required. It suited me as it included exercise which is the best way to keep your metabolism high, spirits up and shape up too. It used the 9-2-5 exercise protocol where you complete 9 minutes in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and five in the evening. Simple, quick and effective.

How Does It Work?

The basic principle of the diet every other day plan is that you alternate ‘feed’ days where you eat more regular food with ‘burn’ days where you eat less. This means that the overall calories you eat balance out so that over the week you eat less than you need and so lose weight. Also your metabolism doesn’t get used to surviving on less and so slow right down. The every other day diet plan is NOT a quick weight loss diet, there are better quick weight loss diets on the market. But if you want to diet healty and maintain your weight, the Every Other Day Diet is the best diets for weight loss I have found.

This was a problem I had when I was trying to lose weight. I got to the stage where I was eating practically nothing and exercising like a maniac but still not losing. That was until a trainer at my gym suggested I eat MORE as my metabolism had effectively shut down! The foods you get to choose from are wide and varied. For example, chicken, turkey, lean beef, shell fish, all fruit and veg, wholegrain breads, bagels, rice, oats, beans and lentils, cottage cheese, nuts. You can use butter and oils sparingly, and non fat milk products too.
What is SNAPP?

SNAPP stands for Shake, Nuts, Apples, Protein and Produce.

Basically, this is what you need to eat on a SNAPP or ‘burn’ day. The portions depend on your height etc. It is all clearly explained in the book. A delicious shake made from the recipe sections such as a pineapple and banana energizer, nuts and up to three apples, a dish containing protein with unlimited salad and vegetables, berries for desert, chopped produce i.e vegetables such as celery and peppers. A glass of wine with dinner is permitted if you want one. On ‘feed’ days you eat all the food from the SNAPP days and can add a meal from the feed meals in the recipe section or add you own choice of foods. Not too much Pizza and Ice-cream though! Just enough to not feel deprived!

Pros and Cons

If you need a quick lose weight diet regime for a special event say, this is not the way to approach things. There are quicker acting diets for the short term on the market. There is a lot to read-if you want to understand the principles behind the diet although you don’t need to of course! It will be just as effective anyway.

This a great value for money program which works if you want long term permanent weight loss. I felt energized throughout and I liked the exercise component. It is easy to use, prepare, uses everyday foods and I found that once I got the hang of it I did things automatically, like taking my apples and nuts with me! The program can’t fail to work if you follow it.


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